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Scientific contributions from the participants are strongly expected.

Oral contributions

The oral talks are by invitation only. The oral presentations will consist of 27 talks (30 min.) plus 1 plenary talk (60 min.). The list of invited speakers is available in the “Invited Speakers” section.

Poster contributions

There will be one poster section after lunch on Tuesday, August 9. It is intended that the posters be kept hanging at their places during the entire day, so that there are more opportunities for discussion.

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Accepted Posters

Spin current absorption in thin metal films measured through ferromagnetic resonance
A. Ghosh, S. Auffret, U. Ebels, and W. E. Bailey

Vortex dynamics in magnetic disks
Alexandre M. Gonçalves, Naiara Y. Klein, and Luiz C. Sampaio

Spin-electromagnetic wave ferrite-ferroelectric nonlinear phase shifters
Alexey Ustinov, Boris Kalinikos

The dynamic magnonic crystal: a window into new wave phenomena
Alexy D. Karenowska, Andrii V. Chumak, Vasil S. Tiberkevich, Alexander A. Serga, John F. Gregg, Andrei N. Slavin, and Burkard Hillebrands

Generation of Dark and Bright Spin Wave Envelope Soliton Trains Through Self-Modulation Instability in Magnonic Crystals
Andrey Drozdovskii, Alexey Ustinov, and Boris Kalinikos

Photo-magnonics: Spin-wave localization in magnonic crystals
Benjamin Lenk, Fabian Garbs, Henning Ulrichs and Markus Münzenberg

Magnetization Dynamics of Ni81Fe19/Cu Films Electrodeposited on Copper Microwire
B. G. Silva, D. E. González-Chávez, J. Gomes Filho, R. L. Sommer

Terahertz Band Gaps in Generalized Fibonacci Quasiperiodic Magnonic Crystals
Carlos H. O. Costa, Manoel S. Vasconcelos, Eudenilson L. Albuquerque

Schottky Barrier in ZnO Electrodepotited on Pt and Ni Films
Carolina F. Cerqueira and Luiz C. Sampaio

Large Area Molecularly Assembled Nanopatterns for Devices (LAMAND)
Claudia Simao, Achille Francone, Nikolaos Kehagias, Richard A. Farrell, Marc Zelsmann, Mustapha Chouiki, Rainer Schoeftner, Vincent Reboud, Justin D. Holmes, Michael A. Morris and Clivia Sotomayor Torres

Magnetization dynamics of Py/Ag multilayered films studied with vector network analyzer magnetometry
D.E. González-Chávez, T. L. Marcondes, M.A. Corręa, A. M. H. de Andrade, R. L. Sommer

Amplification of Spin Waves by the Spin Seebeck Effect
E. Padrón-Hernández, A. Azevedo and S. M. Rezende

Properties of magnetic nanodots with perpendicular anisotropy
Erico Novais, Pedro Landeros, Andreia Barbosa, Maximiliano Martins, Flavio Garcia, and Alberto Guimarăes

Exploration of spin-wave Bloch modes in hexagonal lattices with low damping
Fabian Garbs, Benjamin Lenk and Markus Münzenberg

Graphene-based spin current waveguides: a theoretical framework
Filipe S. M. Guimarăes

Standing spin waves in NiFe/FeMn/NiFe exchange-biased asymmetrical trilayers
Fernando Pelegrini, Valberto P. Nascimento, Armando Biondo, Edson C. Passamani, and Elisa Baggio Saitovitch

Spin waves in antidot lattices on suspended membranes
Florian Brandl, Rupert Huber, Sebastian Neusser, Georg Dürr, and Dirk Grundler

Spin current injection by spin Seebeck and spin pumping effects in YIG/Pt structures
Gilvânia L. da Silva, L.H. Vilela-Leăo, S. M. Rezende and A. Azevedo

Spatial profile of both thermal and pumped spin waves in magnetic nanostructures investigated by micro-focused Brillouin light scattering
Giovanni Carlotti, Gianluca Gubbiotti, Marco Madami, Silvia Tacchi

Spin Wave Propagation in Thin Micron-sized Permalloy Stripes
Hans Bauer, Georg Woltersdorf and Christian Back

Tailoring Magnetization Dynamics at Nanoscale
Igor Barsukov, Y. Fu, A. Rubacheva, F. Römer, R. Meckenstock, J. Lindner, M. Farle

Static and dynamic properties of magnetic vortices in small disks
Jeovani Brandăo, Naiara Y. Klein, and Luiz C. Sampaio

Unidirectional anisotropy in the spin pumping voltage in YIG/Pt bilayers
L. H. Vilela-Leăo, C. Salvador, A. Azevedo, and S. M. Rezende

All-optical investigation of propagating and standing spin waves in magnetic micro-waveguides
Katrin Vogt, Helmut Schultheiss, Philipp Pirro, and Burkard Hillebrands

Magnons in Ultrathin Fe films: The Influence of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction
Kh. Zakeri, Y. Zhang, J. Prokop, T.-H. Chuang, W.X. Tang and J. Kirschner

Tailoring Spin Dynamics by Magnetic Nanopatterning Using Ion Irradiation
Kilian Lenz, Michael Körner, Anja Banholzer, Maciej Oskar Liedke, Jochen Grebing, Jeffrey McCord, Jürgen Fassbender

Topological magnetic structures in Mn corrals on Pt(111) surface
Marcelo Ribeiro, Gregório B. Corręa­Jr, Anders Bergman, Lars Nordström, Olle Eriksson, and Angela Klautau

Dipolar-glass behavior of an amorphous insulating film containing Fe particles
Martin J.Zuckermann and Norberto Majlis

Broadband FMR studies in Nanocrystalline films
M. J. P. Alves, J. Gomes Filho, D. E. González Chavez, T. L. Marcondes, R. L. Sommer

Injection locking of tunnel junction oscillators to a microwave current
M. Quinsat, J. F. Sierra, I. Firastrau, V. Tiberkevich, A. Slavin, D. Gusakova, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, M. Zarudniev, J.-P. Michel, U. Ebels, B. Dieny, M.-C. Cyrille, J. A. Katine, D. Mauri, and A. Zeltser

Spin wave resonance in exchange-biased NiFe/IrMn bilayers
M. A. Sousa, F. Pelegrini, J. Q. Marcatoma, W. Alayo, E. Baggio-Saitovitch

Electric and magnetic tunability of multiferroic magnonic crystal
Natalia Grigoryeva, Boris Kalinikos

Direct Observation of First Order Quantum Coherence and Phase Locking in Magnon Bose-Einstein Condensate
P. Nowik-Boltyk, O. Dzyapko, V. E. Demidov and S. O. Demokritov

Tailoring magnetic relaxation in thin films with different defects features
P. Landeros, R. E. Arias, and D. L. Mills

Dymanic magnetization studies in NiFe/IrMn/Ta exchange biased
R. Dutra, D. E. Gonzŕlez-Chávez,  A. M. H. de Andrade, and R. L. Sommer

Tuning misalignment of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic easy axes in exchange biased bilayers
R. L. Rodríguez-Suárez, L. H. Vilela- Leăo, T. Bueno, J. B. S. Mendes, P. Landeros, Hernandez E. P, S. M. Rezende, and A. Azevedo

Josephson Effect in Bose-Einstein Condensate of Magnons at Room Temperature
Roberto Troncoso and Alvaro S. Nuńez

Magnetostatic band gaps in geometrically modulated thin films
Claudio Jarufe and Rodrigo Arias

Spin-wave propagation through a reprogrammable one-dimensional magnonic crystal
Rupert Huber, Sebastian Neusser, Georg Dürr, Thomas Schwarze, and Dirk Grundler

Energy transfer between vortex-state magnetic disks by stimulated vortex gyration
Hyunsung Jung, Ki-Suk Lee, Dae-Eun Jeong, Youn-Seok Choi, Young-Sang Yu, Dong-Soo Han, Andreas Vogel, Lars Bocklage, Guido Meier, Mi-Young Im, Peter Fisher, and Sang-Koog Kim

Vortex gyratons  in magnonic cystals of dipolar coupled magnetic nanodisks
Dong-Soo Han, Dae-Eun Jeong, and Sang-Koog Kim

Low-temperature spectroscopy on magnonic devices in perpendicular fields
T. Schwarze, F. Brandl, R. Huber, G. Duerr, S. Neusser, and Dirk Grundler