Welcome to the Magnonics 2011 in Recife - Brazil

The first Workshop on Magnonics: From Fundamentals to Applications took place in Dresden, Germany on August 2 - 7, 2009. At that time the organizers suggested that the “Magnonics Community” should continue the effort to organize the following Workshop in two years ahead. As an effort of several people the 2nd Workshop on Magnonics is scheduled to take place in the resort city Porto de Galinhas (http://hotelarmacao.com.br/en/), near Recife, located in the northeast coast of Brazil on August 7 – 10, 2011. It is being organized by a committee composed by: Andrei Slavin, Antonio Azevedo, José Carlos Egues, Roberto Bechara Muniz, Rubem L. Sommer, Sam Bader, Sang-Koog Kim, Sergei A. Nikitov, Sergej Demokritov and Sergio M. Rezende.

All those working on spin-wave (magnon) phenomena are welcome!

New e-mail of Pontual Turismo: magnonics2011@pontualturismo.com.br

All participants (including those who are just listeners or co-authors) that have not sent the registration form have to do it immediately. Unregistered participants will have no access to the conference room. In addition, only registered participants will receive the workshop bag (badge, abstract book, etc.)

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August 7-10, 2011