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Metrologia de Frequências Ópticas

Ótica Não-Linear em Sistemas Coerentemente Preparados

Efeitos Coerentes em Vapor de Rubídio

We use a 1 GHz femtosecond laser as a tool to perform coherent spectroscopy in an atomic vapor. The action of the ultrashort pulse train over the various velocity groups or over a selective group of rubidium atoms is probed by a diode laser using velocity-selective or repetition rate spectroscopies. In particular, we show that the 1 GHz frequency separation of the modes in the frequency comb allows distinguishing of the different hyperfine levels within the Doppler broadened profile.

Efeitos não-lineares em vapor de rubídio com interação de longo alcance

We report on the observation of long range interaction in the second-harmonic generation from rubidium Rydberg atoms. The asymmetric spectral broadening of the resonant lines provides evidence of the van der Waals interaction between pairs of Rydberg atoms. This effect is investigated when the two-photon transition is resonant with nd levels for n≈13.